The first post

So, I’m starting this because I like to write. I like to get my thoughts out on paper and my phone has become my lifeline. It’s my connection to the world outside my little circle. I want to be able to keep track in one place all those thoughts and ideas I jot down in little notebooks. Some of this will be rants. Some of this will be things that I think are cool, and some will be just my insane ramblings.

about me

I’m just going to come right out. Should be interesting if my mom ever stumbles across this… Conversation for another time…
I am poly, I am gender queer. I am a parent. My life is complicated. I love it that way. I am beyond happy. I never expected this to be my life but it fits me in ways I never expected…. More on that later.

Tonight’s post is short, it’s late and my eyes hurt.


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