To a guy

I am not your sweetheart, your baby girl.

You don’t have the right to call me beautiful if you haven’t seen me in person, don’t know who I am.

I am not for you to look at, or judge.

I am not here to fulfill your sexual fantasies, only mine.

I will not tell you about my sex life with my girlfriend, it’s not your business.

You may think that these are ok questions, that it’s ok for you to sexualize me, but I am telling you today, it’s not.

It’s not ok to look at women as nothing more than a means to a release.

It’s not ok to ask me very personal questions, before you even know my name.

It’s not ok to ask me for naked pics the second time you talk to me.

I am not a hole for you to use. I am a person with needs and feelings and desires. I deserve respect and I will not accept anything else.


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