Why is it? No more drugs please!

Ok, I’m confused. I get that there is a lot of news to cover but… Why aren’t we talking about the recent mass shootings? Why aren’t we talking about why they are happening? There is one thing almost all the people have in common. Why isn’t it being discussed? Don’t take away the guns. Take away all the freaking pills!
Do I need to list sources? Ok, fine here we go

This one is fucking scary


Another one


And another


Scientific journal


Do I need to keep going? Ok, one more.


It’s scary what these drugs are doing to our society. Maybe instead of gun control we need drug control.

Personally, I deal better with my mental illness without meds. I was on risperdone most recently along with ambien
and it made me shake uncontrollably. I felt like I had ants under my skin. I felt like I couldn’t stop moving. I felt like I couldn’t control what I was doing, I was on autopilot. Then, on meds, I had a major breakdown. I didn’t hurt anyone (except myself), but it scared me so much that I weaned myself off. I feel much better. The shaking, ants, the nervous energy. It’s all gone. No more autopilot.

Yeah, I still have the symptoms from my mental illness, but I can deal. I couldn’t deal with the illness along with the side affects from the meds.

I wonder how many people taking antidepressants long term don’t really need them. I wonder how many other people are worse because of them.

The scariest thing about those articles are the kids ages, most of those incidents are ages 12-19.


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