It is what it is

Talking with some people is like trying to herd monkeys. Mildly amusing at first but ultimately exhausting, frustrating and futile.
I love my family but I’ve seemed to have developed different values than them. I recently started with an environmental rights non profit. I’m excited to get started but my family isn’t excited or proud. I mean they are happy I have a job but seem to have an eh,  you could do better attitude.
I don’t understand why people complain but refuse to do anything to change the way they do things.  They are just so accepting about they way the world is. The typical response is always “well, what are you gonna do.” I was talking about my new job with my brother, who has a masters in physics and he shrugged. My mother rants about politics but refuses to do anything other than mutter, I voted for the other guy.
My grandmother uses the phrase “it is what it is.” It drives me bonkers! Really? No, we dont have to except everything.  You lived through the woman’s movement, Vietnam,  and civil rights movement.  You have seen the  birth of this amazing new world of technology.  You have seen so much change and you say “it is what it is.”
My mom is just as bad. And she has taught my brother and sisters to be the same. I talk to people my age and half of them are like,  oh, I don’t want to get involved. The other half dont know what I’m talking about.
Why is everyone so apathetic? You have this amazing world to explore and make better and you do what? Tend bar, answer phones,  work at Walmart? Are you happy? What are you waiting for?
Live now dammit, wake up!


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